Confidence comes with knowing your business is protected

The safety and security of your office and operations – whether it’s protecting your identity or the essentials that run your business – are absolutely essential. Your Mastercard comes with built-in benefits to protect what’s important to you, here?and?abroad.

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Mastercard ID Theft ProtectionTM

Detection and protection against identity theft, including monitoring and alerts, and expert resolution services 24/7/3651

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Cell Phone Protection

World Elite Mastercard for Business? cardholders receive reimbursement of up to $800 per claim with $50 deductible, up to $1,000 total per 12-month period, for covered stolen or damaged phone2

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Global Emergency Services

Worldwide, 24-hour assistance with lost and stolen card reporting, and emergency card replacement and cash advance3

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Zero Liability Protection

Confidence knowing the financial institution that issued your Mastercard won't hold you responsible for unauthorized transactions4

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Cyber Security Readiness

Cyber readiness is critical for small businesses. Our digital security tips, resources and best practices can help you defend your business against cyberattacks and data breaches.

Availability of insurance benefits on your card may vary by card issuer. Please refer to your issuing financial institution for complete insurance benefit coverage terms, conditions and exclusions.

1. For cardholders who enrolled prior to July 1, 2019, this service shall be provided by CSID until December 31, 2019. Cardholders will have to re-enroll with Generali Global Assistance, Inc. at the link provided in the enrolled cardholder notices. Cardholders will need to register for this service. Cardholders who enroll on or after July 1, 2019, this service shall be provided by Generali Global Assistance Inc.

2. Benefits are subject to terms, conditions and limitations, including limitations on the amount of coverage. Coverage is provided by New Hampshire Insurance Company, an AIG company. Policy provides secondary coverage only. Please see your Guide to Benefits for details or call 1-800-MASTERCARD.

3. Includes Emergency Card Replacement, Emergency Cash Disbursement, and Lost and Stolen Card Reporting.

4. These are summary descriptions only. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. To learn more about Zero Liability, visit Contact your issuing financial institution for complete coverage terms and conditions or call 1-800-MASTERCARD for assistance. Applicable to U.S. Cardholders only.